Story of Waseem Saleem

My name is Waseem Saleem. I read in Furqan Public School. Four years ago, my father fell ill with some kidney trouble and we were face to face with enormous problems. My mother used to work in the other people’s houses but now it has become difficult for her to continue this work. My father required immediate medical treatment. So, he remained in the hospital for 2 months. We had to be withdrawn from the school. Whatever my mother had saved was spent on my father’s medical treatment. We had borrowed large sums of money from our neighbours as well as our relatives.

We were three brothers and sisters. Ours now was a poverty – stricken family. My elder brother, aged12, was also withdrawn from the 5th class and was forced to become an earning hand. We were also being compelled to do some job to run the house. Luckily, we came to know that in our neighborhood there were three children who were getting education with the help of ‘SAVE the deserving children’. These children gave us the address and the phone number of the ‘SAVE’.

We rang up the ‘SAVE’ and one of their representatives called on us and heard our doleful story. After the necessary inquiry, the ‘SAVE’ helped us and we once again got admission into schools. The ‘SAVE’ also provided us with the prescribed uniforms, shoes and boxes etc. We owe our deepest thanks to the ‘SAVE – The Deserving Children!