Story of Waleed

My name is Waleed and I read in Sublime Public School. We are two brothers and sisters. The name of my sister is Aneeqah. Our father has been down with such a disease in which he can neither hear, nor speak anything; he can only see or can understand something with the help of hints. He cannot even walk. My mother is a Purdah-observing lady.

She does not spread hands before anyone. Everybody in the world aspires for self-respect. My father is not dependable in the least. The whole responsibility has fallen upon my mother’s shoulders. My father’s medical expenses have become unbearable Our mother has perforce withdrawn us from the school. She does house-chores in other people’s houses. Almost all her income is spent on the medical treatment of ailing father. When we see the other children going to school, tears well up in our eyes.

We witsfully question ourselves: Can we ever again go to school? One day it happened that one of our relatives called at our house. mother told him the condition of her children. He guided her to contact “SAVE the deserving children”. My mother, without loss of time, rang up the “SAVE the deserving children” and soon our circumstances took a happy turn. We started going to school. Our dreams turned into a reality… thanks to “SAVE-the Deserving Children”