Story of Saima Mubeen

My name is Saima Mubeen. I read in Ali Cadet School. My father died when I was a little child. My mother married another man. She left me with my grandmother to undergo the untold vicissitudes of life. My maternal grandmother earned her living by doing odd jobs in other people’s houses and for the expenses of my education. She was an aged woman; overwork told upon her health and she often remained ill. My maternal uncle, who paid my fees, withdrew me from the school.

My grandmother requested him to help me and not to withdraw me from the school. However, my uncle, who was himself a poor man preferred to provide medical treatment to his mother and did not send me to school again. After a few days, a person called at our house. He told my uncle that he was the representative of the ‘SAVE the deserving children’ and that he had been sent by the principal of the school. I told her that I earnestly wished to get education as much as possible, but my poverty was a hurdle in my way.

The SAVE-the-deserving children, came to my help and I got re-admission into the school. Now I am again a student and I am pursuing education heart and soul in order to serve the down – trodden humanity.