Story of Maryam Asghar

My name is Maryam Asghar. I live in Walton. We are three sisters and one brother. We used to read in Al-Khalid Public School. I am the eldest of my brothers and sisters. Three years ago, my father had an attack of paralysis; this badly affected our domestic economy; my mother spent whatever she had earned on my father’s medical treatment. However, my father’s health showed no sign of improvement and we were pushed to starvation. Our relatives showed indifference to our plight. My mother was a purdah – observing lady, but, perforce, she had to do odd jobs in other people’s houses. She was also worried about our education. Since my mother’s income was utterly inadequate, we were all withdrawn from the schools and our entire activities were confined to the four walls of the house, for two months.

In the meantime, one of our neighbours told my mother that such and such organization provided free education to the poor and orphan children. On inquiry it proved true. My mother contacted this organization and after a few days, its representative contacted us. This gentleman collected from us the necessary documents and we were got admitted to our previous school; we were given books, new uniforms and new pair of shoes. Thank God, we are now again getting education with the help of ‘SAVE the deserving children’. A number of other deserving children are also receiving education through this noble Organization.

We pray from the bottom of our hearts for the progress of this humanitarian Organization, with the help of which the helpless but deserving children, like us, may continue to get education peacefully and honourably.