Story of Hassan Fiyaz

I “Hassan Fiyaz” was residing in Wassan Pura with my family. My father used to drive a donkey cart, which was the source of earning money. I was a student in a government school. Life for our family was miserable. My father would drive the donkey cart throughout the day and this was the only means of our income. It is said that troubles and hardships are like uninvited guests. One day, my father, as usual went to his work but God had some other plans for him. While carrying a heavy machine to the roof of the factory, my father had his backbone and leg broken. This accident changed the already bad condition of my family into worse. We lost all hope of survival and stood face to face with starvation. Realizing the critical times ahead, I started working at a tea stall, and my mother, who is dumb and deaf, started working in a factory. Meanwhile, my father lost his life due to non-availability of money for his proper medical treatment. Life had taken a horrible turn at this juncture.

Then there came the moment, still fresh in my memory, which gave to life a new direction. It was Thursday and I reached the tea stall in the morning, where a boy had been waiting to see me. He wanted to know about me and I thought that he was ridiculing my poor condition, but it turned out to be altogether different. He was like an angel sent by God, who had descended on earth in the guise of a human being. He admitted me, my bother and sisters to the Madina-tul-Ilm Cadet School and provided us with new shoes, uniforms and books.

Though I had heard that dreams were realized, yet I never thought that this could happen so soon. Now, we have found the aim of our life. May Allah enable me to contribute whatever I can to the SAVE the deserving children so that I can prove a support to the children like myself (Aameen).