Story of Babu Begum

My name is Babu Begum. I live in Walton. Five years ago, my husband left me and since then I have been living with my brothers. I have three children- Maqsud Tariq, Imran Tariq and Rabia Tariq. In the beginning, my brothers treated me well; they got my children admitted to Al-Khalid Public School and paid their fees regularly.

However, soon their behaviour with me changed for the worse and they started asking me to meet my expenses myself, without their support. On my repeated entreaties, they gave me a small room almost like a store to live in; For the up-bringing of my children, I began to do old jobs privately in other people’s houses. Unluckily, I had an attack of sugar (disease) along with high blood pressure. I also felt difficulty in breathing. Whatever I earned was spent on my medical treatment. Besides, I had to borrow money from others. I could not pay the school fees of my children for five months. I humbly requested the class incharge not to strike off their names, at least for some days.

On my way back home, when I stopped to drink water at a house, she met me and told me that her own three children were reading in the school under the patronage of ‘SAVE the deserving children’.

She further told me that a representative of this Organization made a weekly visit. I impatiently waited for him. At last, after a week, the said representative came and I called on him. I was surprised to know that there were such people in our country who served the poor mortals without any personal greed or lust. They glanced through the papers and paid six months advanced fees of my children. May the ‘SAVE the deserving children’ succeed still more in serving the poor and the deserving children of our beloved country.