Story of Asifah Muhabbat Ali

My name is Asifah Muhabbat Ali. I am a student of Ali Cadet School. We are four brothers and sisters. I am the eldest. Four years ago, my father went to Islamabad. He married another woman there, and forgot us completely. He did not even divorce my mother. My mother is usually out of sorts and, probably, for this reason, he has left us all for ever. My mother sent us to school. My maternal grandfather escorted us to school and also picked us from there. One year passed by. My mother’s condition grew worse. We found it difficult to pay the fees. Sometimes for two and sometimes for three months, we failed to pay the fees in time but my mother as well as my grandfather was much worried about our future. At long last, they put me to some manual work.

Although I was naturally inclined towards education, yet my peculiar circumstances forced me to give up education. One day, I went to the school to pay my brother’s fees, along with my grandfather. I was to pay 3 months’ fees. Incidentally, I and my grandfather met the representative of ‘SAVE the deserving children’ through the good offices of the principal. This representative visited our house and personally observed our financial condition. He was so much moved that he promised to pay our entire fees, and resultantly, I got re-admission into the school. I am deeply obliged to the ‘SAVE the deserving children’, who gave me a new life.

Now I am again a school-girl, without a burden to my family. Not only I, but also my other brothers and sisters are grateful to the ‘SAVE the deserving children’ for their meritorious services for the cause of the poor and indigent children of the country.