Save Deserving Children

SAVE stands for Sustainable Arrangement for Valuable Education.

Our Mission is to provide educational opportunities to orphan and neglected children so that they may get the basic Education. Purpose behind it is to bring them from the marginalized stream into the mainstream, as Education is the key agent of addressing the root cause of poverty. Our mission is to edify the society through standard education. Main targetted categories are Education, Literacy.

The key services we are provising includes:

  • Pay School fees
  • Provide free books and exercise books plus stationery
  • Provide free School uniforms and shoes
  • Provide free pick-and-drop facility
  • Arrange health and sports programs
  • Provide quality education in well-reputed institutions
  • Provide sustainable education
  • Provide education near the children’s houses

Our Vision is to take literacy as the main factor behind establishing a peaceful society and also believes that education to the deserving children brings almost a revolutionary change in the set-up of a civilized society

Geographical Areas Covered:
Lahore (District Lahore) , Shakkar Garh( District Narowal), Kot Radha Kishan (District Kasur), Dunya Pur (District Lodhran)

Program Monitoring:
Files of children are maintained which include history form, educational record with child’s picture. Psychologists meet children, find out their hidden qualities, and try to groom their personality by encouraging them. Social organizers also visit schools, hold regular meetings with teachers and children and maintain progress reports. The executive body finally monitors the progress of the children

Over the months, Currently 80 children are being supported through funds by “SAVE the deserving children” (Regd). They are being provided with all the educational facilities, including well-reputed institutions, situated nearest to their houses.

Future Plans:
At the moment “SAVE the deserving children” (Regd) is providing support to the deserving children (orphans and neglected ones) in getting proper education. We are providing them with School Fee, Books, and Stationary, Uniform, Shoes and Traveling facilities. We intend to provide annual scholarship to the brilliant students besides establishing Schools under the Organization, so that the children can get more facilities that can equip them with talent necessary for the world competition in the realm of education.


Why Us

We are an emerging dedicated group of social workers. After the completion of our studies, we have been fully after improving the education standards in the lower social groups of the society. SAVE has been established to provide the necessary educational facilities to young orphans and neglected children. Literacy rate in Pakistan is very low, it is not at all comparable with what is found in  other developing countries. The main factors responsible for this include unhappy situation, poverty, lack of public awareness and little contribution from the private sector.

Education plays an important role in the development of a nation. It is our nation’s dilemma that the Government allocates less than 3% of the total annual budget for education and the private sector has taken education as business. Hence, it is the demand of time to work for the poor, deserving children and provide them facilities for basic education

Voluntarily Registration

We really appreciate if you like to work with us voluntarily. You may contact us for more information.

MashaAllah Centre, Second floor, Sunflower Housing Society,
J-1 Johar Town, Near Thokar Niaz Baig,
Post Code: 54000,
Lahore, Pakistan.

For further details, please call at head office number:
Tel: +92 423 502 1236-7, +92 423 530 4607

We welcome you; please use the registration form here and we’ll contact you.

‘SAVE the deserving children’ is a member-based organization, ‘SAVE the deserving children’ is interested in working for the literacy of the poor, orphan and neglected children.

As the first step to joining ‘SAVE the deserving children’ as a member, a membership form has to complete. The form is available from head office and from below link.

The form has to be duly filled including personal details of candidate. After submission of the membership form, membership is subjected to approval by the executive board.

The annual fee for membership for within Pakistan is Rs. 500/= and
For those living abroad Rs. 2,000/= or equivalent.
Lifetime membership fee is a one time payment of Rs. 10,000/=.

Membership fee will be accepted in cash at head office. Payment being sent to the SAVE dc office and only accepted through money order and draft payable to SAVE the deserving children.

Click here to download Membership Form.

Health & Sports

Health and Sports create healthy body and it leads to the healthy mind. It is auniversal truth that healthy and positive minds bring about revolutionary changes in the field of education for the progress of mankind.

‘SAVE the deserving children’ (Regd.) has taken this step for those children who are far away from these facilities like health and sports. The organization has deep insight in these fields for the poor and marginalized children who are deprived of them. In this sense the organization manages medical camps and extra-curricular activities for the healthy society.