Awaiting Applications

You can join your hands with ‘SAVE the deserving children’ today and Sponsor a Child. A child’s monthly expenditures is Rs. 2,500/= (annually Rs. 30,000/=). You can sponsor a child either monthly or annually whatever suits you.

Following are the awaiting applications which we are not able to process because of shortage of funds.

If you will sponsor a child through ‘SAVE the deserving children’ then we will provide you entire details regarding the child/children to be sponsored. It includes school contact number as well as family details. We will also send you monthly progress report of that child/children.

Serial No. Student
Category Receiving
1. Muhammad Zeshaan Muhammad Irfan Asma Bibi Neglected 26-Mar-12
2. Sadeer Ahmad M.Ali Ahmad Ali Ahmad Ali Neglected 04-Jun-12
3. Shaina Naaz M.Aslam M.Aslam M.Aslam Neglected 04-Oct-12
4. M.Ali Rafiq Asia Rafiq Asia Rafiq Orphan 03-Apr-12
5. Ambreen Shehzad Shehzad Shagufta bibi Shagufta bibi Orphan 12-Jun-12
6. Anchal Yaqoob Mr Yaqoob Masih Mr Yaqoob Masih Neglected 08-Aug-12
7. Ali Raza Tanveer Abbas Mudasra Abbas Mudasra Abbas Orphan 16-May-12
8. Hamza Rashid Aneela Rashid Aneela Rashid Neglected 25-May-11
9. Laiqa Asif Asma Asif Asma Asif Neglected 10-Jul-12
10. Abdhullah Allah Rahka Sajida Yasmeen Sajida Yasmeen Neglected 24-Jul-12
11. M.Bilal Sohail Robina Parveen Robina Parveen Orphan 31-Aug-12
12. Abdhulllah M.Khalil Ghulam Fatima Ghulam Fatima Neglected 31-Aug-12
13. M.Hamza Abdull Rashid Aneela Aneela Neglected 31-Aug-12
14. Hina Nazeer Kaisra Anwer Kaisra Anwer Neglected 31-Aug-12
15. Mashtoota Fatima Abeera Mazher Abeera Mazher Neglected 03-May-12
16. Nibia Mukhtar Nargis Parveen Nargis Parveen Neglected 31-Aug-12
17. Rabia Khursheed Razia Khursheed Razia Khursheed Neglected 08-Oct-12
18. Insha Zafar Zahida Perveen Zahida Perveen Orphan 10-Sep-12
19. Lunna Rehman Khaton Bibi Khaton Bibi Orphan 15-Sep-10
20. Saleem Riaz Zubaida Bibi Zubaida Orphan 04-Dec-11
21. Iqra M.Ashraf Tsleem Tsleem Orphan 06-Feb-11
22. Khushbo Malik Ata Shugra Bibi Shugra Bibi Orphan 10-Sep-12
23. Maria Nazur Ishrat Ishrat Orphan 08-Oct-11
24. Khushbo Malik Ata Shugra Bibi Shugra Bibi Orphan 10-Sep-12
25. Mudaser Azeem Baksh Shabana Bibi Shabana Bibi Orphan 10-Sep-12
26. Zaib M.Arif Farat Jaha Farat Jaha Orphan 10-Dec-11
27. Gaizi Khurshid Asmat Asmat Orphan 10-Sep-12
28. Naseer  Azeem Rehana Batol Rehana Batol Orphan 10-Sep-12
29. Alishba Arif Kaisra Kaisra Orphan 10-Sep-12
30. Beenish Ishaq Beenish Beenish Orphan 10-Sep-12
31. Awais Liaqat Shahnaz Bibi Shahnaz Bibi Orphan 11-Sep-11
32. Sadia Muhram Seema Bibi Seema Bibi Orphan 10-Sep-12
33. Mubashar Bashir Maqsood Bibi Maqsood Bibi Orphan 05-Sep-11
34. Sana Khan Nazira Bibi Nazira Bibi Orphan 23-Sep-11
35. Jahanzaib Jan Bakhat Bibi Bakhat Bibi Orphan 04-Sep-12
36. Kiniza Anayt Nirges Bibi Nirges Bibi Orphan 17-Sep-11
37. Shahid Akram Farkhanda Bibi Farkhanda Bibi Orphan 26-Jul-11
38. Amna Ameen   Bashirian Bibi Orphan 13-Mar-11
39. Habiba Khan Ameer Fatima Ameer fatima Orphan 15-Apr-11
40. Noor Fatima M.Akram Nadia Nadia Neglected 06-Dec-12
41. Gulam Moiyo din Shezad Ghazala Kiran Ghazala Kiran Neglected 06-Dec-12